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Twitch Livestream | Darksiders Warmastered Edition Part 1 [Xbox One]


**This stream was recorded on December 2nd, 2016**

Gameplay starts at: 4:43

Check out the Darksiders Series playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd4du1T3t3aX_TPa9YDMC9uZYAlJYxY2P

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Twitch Livestream | Darksiders Warmastered Edition Part 1 [Xbox One]


  1. But ray a treadmill would make a great clothes rack, (insert sarcasm here) you have to get it.

  2. I like how the voice actor for War has been pigeonholed as a demon fighter/slayer/thing. (He also voices Illidan Stormrage, a/the Demon Hunter from WoW)

  3. If you had to pick, would you rather people called you Mr. Narvaez, Mr. Narvaez Jr., or just Mr. Jr? Because, like it or not, there's always gonna be that one fucking nerd who just has to call you "Mister." (… not me)

  4. I did not like Darksiders 1 just was not my cup of tea Ds2 however oooooh boy I love the second one

  5. I fuggin miss this game. Love this series, and happy my bestie got me into it. Great to see you jammin through this great remastered title, Ray

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