Home Playstation Games Tomb Raider – Complete Graphics Comparison (PS4/Xbox One/PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

Tomb Raider – Complete Graphics Comparison (PS4/Xbox One/PC/PS3/Xbox 360)


Tomb Raider - Complete Graphics Comparison (PS4/Xbox One/PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

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  1. Lara Croft Devending Edition on PS4 Pro is beast.They made game like 3 times better than real life.

  2. Graphics look better on xbone and ps4, but as stated it's enhanced version (definitive), still in the PC version characters face expression gives them more depth and that puts it on top in my eyes

  3. You can definitely tell the difference between first gen and next gen consoles. Also think the PS4 edged the X1 in terms of clarity and definition.

  4. I played with you several times you were so great specially in NTDM , anyway someone tolled me that you are from Kuwait, is that true ?

  5. You finally make a video of the tree with latest parts ! even little late ! good job ! thanks duck !

  6. I did this i went to the f-16c line then the mig 21 and then the su25tm , now i have the F-22 raptor level 8 and i can buy the T-50 (I have the Su-37 terminator) then i can buy the rafale but i am making my way to the X-02 Wyvern (to get the L missile) but i don't know if i should research one of the F-35's or research the Silent Eagle and make my way to the wyvern.

  7. i would also recommend
    the J35J Cipher i have mine and the stats for the mobility are a lie with a speed part its like flying a falken at like level 14 mayby 15 and with all the missle parts i have The Homing/speed part L With Homing L and Power L and it looks like it rarely misses and if it does it will come around again its attack power isn't bad either since its a multi-role and it also has Qaams and Hvaa the Rktls arent great but with the speed reload L and The Reload/Power L it doesnt matter.

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