Home Xbox Games THIS GAME SUCKS: Silent Hill HD Collection (Part 1)

THIS GAME SUCKS: Silent Hill HD Collection (Part 1)


THIS GAME SUCKS: Silent Hill HD Collection (Part 1)


  1. They should have stuck with the original stuff on ps2 i agree so bloody much but with better graphics damn bullshit

  2. that's weird.. the mile numbers they changed it to 669, which by many is considered 666 as you flip things in the satanic world.

    6, 6, and 18. 1+8 is 9 and that's honestly the only reason I could see why that happened, cause there's no damn reason to change em..

  3. They suck at fog and water and ruin the HD version… I got it today for the hell of it and bum put it down because of the fog bubble and how pristine everything looks. Silent Hill needs FOG everywhere lol.

  4. silent hill hd collection that's true whers silent hill and silent hill 4 in the collection its not really a collection if it doesn't have silent hill 1 and 4 but I still enjoyed the hd collection game best game iv played my hole life

  5. Ok so they can remake Resident evil one on ps one for the Xbox one but not Silent Hill? Bullshit.

  6. The way I understand it– and I could be wrong– but only Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 are canon games, and the rest are not canon, so that might have something to do with it.

  7. These two videos still crack me up to this day (even if it's at your expense, lol). Well deserved views/likes.

  8. When I played the HD collection I played with the original voice setting and all the audio was there like the man screaming before you see pyramid head but with the new voices the audio is gone which is like wtf.

  9. I cannot believe the arrogance of this man, having the nerve to change the script like that. Even ONE alteration is too much. I heard he even rewrote the script and wanted to reanimate the cutscenes. He thought he could do it better. That's incredible, isn't it? He's hired to make an HD version but wants to rewrite the whole thing. What an insult to team silent. What an insult to the fan base.
    BoM was Tomm's own work, and that story is fucking abysmal. It is fan-fiction level AT BEST. No originality, no engaging characters, nothing. It's just bad writing. God knows why Konami hired this guy. He has absolutely no creative talent. Nothing that sets him apart from the herd. Tomm took the whole SH franchise and tried to make it his own. If he truly was a fan of the series, he would not have altered a single thing. If that job was given to any of us, I'm sure we would have all left it exactly how it was. SH was a fucking work of art, and Tomm took his children's crayons and drew all over the canvas. Fucking moron.

  10. This rant is hilarious, and definitely on-point. The first time I played this was on the HD collection, so seeing what I actually missed is a huge letdown.

  11. they added the tv in the remaster due to you can retexture and tinker with the game but not FMVs so they had to put it in a smaller space otherwise it would look pixelated as fuck on a hdtv

  12. I'm really glad that I have watched this video before I spent 25 bucks on this scam.
    And why couldn't they include SH 1 again? I mean I can buy the game in the PS store and install it on my PS3. I couldn't care less if it's HD or not. I would've lliked it if they let you choose to play the original version OR the HD version.

    This is a total failure on Konami's part (again), since they apparently gave the studio a Beta version to convert to HD. So I guess there's only one thing left to say:

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