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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Review


Telltale’s latest adventure game series starts kicks off on a high note.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Review


  1. The story, the charakters and the world are really intriguing, but gameplay wise it's pretty boring and repetetive. Quiktime events logic is easy to see trough and most dialogues don't change trough your interactions. There's always one answer true to the charakter and from moment to moment another one that also would make sense, but many decisions wouldn't make sense at all and ruin the plot just for player interaction.
    I had fun with it, but I would have been satisfied if it was just a series. (No big change, because I mostly let my gf play it)

  2. Just Realised in Legends in Exile we see Colin in Bigbys Apartment
    Man whoever wrote this Script has definitely done their Homework

  3. Shitty game. the only good thing about it is the story telling. But lack of full control of the character, and being an episodic game is what makes this game an 4 out of 10. Full control I mean instead of pressing buttons ABXY on the controller, I should be able to move the analog sticks like the better games do for controls.

  4. This game is a masterpiece. I love detective/ mystery stories, and this game did it perfectly. There MUST be a sequel or I'll cry like a little girl.

  5. choppy fps stutters isnt telltales fault the xbox 360 and ps3 are almost a decade old upgrade as these consoles are slowing down the game industry down

  6. telltale really has a special place in my gaming world heart. reminds me of the "choose your story" books, where you read a chapter and it will ask you towards the end of the page " you heard a sudden scream in the house..turn to page 20 if you want to open the door to see whats going on, or turn to page 50 if you want to leave the house and make sure you're not followed" as a young teen back in the 90s man, those were awesome times!

  7. I got this for free on psn (awesome right)
    its pretty cool.
    only complaint is that Spoilers!!!!

    the ending is the same no matter what

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