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The Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One and PS4 Trailer


The Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One and PS4 Trailer


  1. do people still play this game? I had it on Xbox one but I'm getting a ps4 just for the hell of it

  2. There were 666 comments before I commented….this video's comments section is now the comments section from hell.

  3. I can almost guarantee you that 99% of the haters never even played this game or even went that far.. which is like saying, "I hate that tv series" "Oh, did you see all 300 episodes of it?" "No, just the 1 and a half minute trailer".

  4. I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I ran out of money to put into Bethesda's pocket.

  5. I actually wouldn't mind AT ALL them remastering Skyrim for the new gen consoles
    But with less glitches of course -___-

  6. Can you skyrim lovers go and eat a dick!? Skyrim's skilltree cant even compare to ESO. Skyrim = bow and stealth = you're a god. You want to play something else like a warrior without enchantment = you're toast against everything on expert +.  You want to play a mage = HAHAHAHAHAHAH, you have it tough even on normal. Bah, shitty skilltree. That's why they did a new one at the Nexus forum.

  7. Do not get this game absolute fail if you on accidentally you can't put it back if you don't have the money to pay it off the guards just kill you until you to so stupid

  8. Big CEO- We need more money. Zenimax- we have microtransactions. Gamers- Darth Vader Nooooooooo we will not buy your shit. Fanboys- Zenimax how you like ur dick sucked? Big CEO- We are not making as much money. Why??!?!? Zenimax- people are not complete idiots and will not buy our shit horse armor and Imperial DLC. Batman- This City is to show you that it is ready to believe in lynching developers that use constant pay walls for under average Diet Skyrim.

  9. I have played the BETA and I must say if you want to play this alone you might get bored at some point (or maybe not) but if you want to play this with a friend you should be able to entertain yourself for a quite a while

  10. I don't like Online Games because they shit, Skyrim was the best.

    This crap will not come close to Skyrim

  11. So it's okay for The Elder Scrolls to be created for group of friends to enjoy it all together but, in my opinion, The Elder Scrolls franchise should stay as a one player RPG. (I KNOW IT'S NOT MADE BY BETHESDA and It's just my opinion, nothing more)

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