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This generation of gaming is looking pretty cheap… in comparison to the inflation values of past console launch prices. If you’re dwelling on the price tags for the Xbox One and PS4, Scott shows you how consoles of the past like Sega Saturn and Neo Geo were even pricier!

Do you believe gaming is cheaper than it’s ever been? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Host: Scott Bromley
Producer: Lauren Rudser
Associate Producers: Todd Boudreaux, Chastity Vicencio
Editor: Frank Knight

Xbox One & PS4 Are CHEAP!


  1. is there supposed to be a difference from battlefield, black ops, e.t.c and rainbow six siege (i said this because of the name) or is it just like any first person shooter. plz tell so i know if its a good pick.

  2. Dude ur awesome!! I thought I was the only one hunting down ps4 games for 5/10 to 20$ I even thought about making pick up videos b4 seeing ur episode with metal Jesus today….Subbed!!!

  3. do we have an actual list of games that are cheap now. that would be really helpful…if not I can make one

  4. this may seem wrong to say but I mean it in good in tent it's bean a bit since I have watch a video of your but you have lost so much weight you look amazing

  5. I love this series cause not only does he tell you cheap games but he shows you the game play to see if you might like it

  6. I picked up batman arkham night when it came out my dad bought the disk and bought the download for my ps4

  7. I don't really care I just want to know how much they cost because I want a PS4 or a Xbox One whichever one is cheaper because I want Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  8. what about salary back then bet it was more every thing is going to be more expensive because of printing money but technology comes down in price

  9. why the hell do you have so less subscribers, i mean you make good quality videos and also have been making since a long time

  10. PS4 buy at launch is 400$ + 50$ a year so let's assume the consoles last about 7 year is 750$ 

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