Home Xbox Games Soul Axiom Xbox One Gameplay: Let’s Play Soul Axiom (PHASE ZOMBIE NOO)

Soul Axiom Xbox One Gameplay: Let’s Play Soul Axiom (PHASE ZOMBIE NOO)


Soul Axiom Xbox One Gameplay: Let's Play Soul Axiom (PHASE ZOMBIE NOO)


  1. Given how litigation-happy Disney is, I am legitimately surprised they haven't sued the everloving shit out of Wales Interactive over just how visually and in some places structurally similar to various parts of the TRON franchise that segment really was.

    Seriously, is Disney just not aware of it? They'll go after a grandma on Etsy for making a baby blanket, after all.

  2. There's a reason its a cliche, for you see the eyes are the clearest point where the soul shines towards the outside of the body, therefore if you want to know the true state of things you only have to look into the eyes but this is from an age where the people were more religious and superstitious

  3. I literally, not figuratively, could not finish watching this video because I could not stand to hear the word "phase" one more time.

  4. I wish you guys would do a proper long-form let's play of something, I could watch this for hours.

  5. Love how you said "Its like a Bioshock Infinite tear" right as totally not Songbird turns up.

  6. Hey everyone offering COD points. Want YouTube etiquette points? Use secret code: STFU!

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