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Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) graphics and architecture revealed – WTF is AMD APU? CHIP WARS 14


Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) graphics and architecture revealed - WTF is AMD APU? CHIP WARS 14


  1. wait for 6 and 8 core apu's based on AMD Carrizo last excavator core before they redesign the cpu for FIRST desktop ARM tech architecture for AMDFX CORE

  2. I think most people are judging the next gen consoles unfairly by making comparisons that don't really make a huge difference in how well they will perform. For example, the usual comparisons to high end PC's are an unreasonable goal.
    While I DO agree that these new consoles SHOULD have been built with much better hardware, we should focus on how these consoles compare to LAST GEN consoles.

    The true worth of the next gen console will be determined by just how much more powerful it is than it's last gen counterpart. Comparing them to PC's is a ridiculous argument for many reasons.

  3. Ok nobody get scare about this, but… AMD CHIPS ARE on PS-4, Xbox One and Wii U. AMD conquer us without knowing. Shhhh! the steam machine…. is an AMD TOO! Whaaats phucking going on around gaming computing… Shhh! Thunderbolt tech… created by anApple but the only one with tech to build it, Intel???? noooo AMD. Mantle or Dismantle future… no more direct x just use a AMD CHIP and the game just run with more FPS so Apple and linux machines and consoles will see the benefit of this crap. Just program Mantle friendly and your game will run in all Pcs and consoles. Shhh! the terminator T-100 is near using a AMD Opteron 16 cores O.o

  4. Basically the PS4 uses a Cpu and GPU on the same Die along with an Audio chip. It's a Radeon 7850 GPU 1.83 teraflops along with True Audio DSP. AMD hit 1 teraflops of graphics power back in 2006. Now they are over 5 teraflops. AMD has always been first in breaking teraflop barriers. Mantle will punch games from 60fps to 300fps in some demos already out. No more bitching about FPS in games and just enjoy!

  5. PS3 devs did NOT understand Linux programming which is why they took to long. A independent company made a PS3 Linux dev kit so devs could make games for the PS3 a lot easier. Cell processors are math beasts and they would not need a graphics chip but it was decided they would put one in. A lot of Linux companies dissapeared in late 90s and 2000s because that Linux future never seemed to mount to much especially when they did not have many drivers for the new graphics cards.

  6. I thought only certain CPU's were "in order" like the original pentiums and Atom processors. Most of them are "out of order".
    Oh Nevermind I got that backwards. Pentium Pro and Atom are the Out of order processors. It looks like the some of the Core 2's were Out of Order as well along with the Power PC architecture. 

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