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Should I buy a refurbished Xbox 360?


I have a PS3 now, so I don’t want to spend the cash to get a brand new Xbox 360. I can get a refurbished Xbox 360 with HDMI, 60GB HD, headphone, wireless controller, and wires for $180. Should I go for it?

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  1. Do you know what refurbished means? It means it is used, and it was repaired. I wouldn’t, because I had my old one refurbished and it crapped out on me within 8 monthes.

  2. Well it is a pretty good deal i’d say, pretty solid. But at the same time, brand new 360’s are known to die soo a refurbished one has no chance in hell lol. But i’d see what the warranty is on it and only get it if it’s got a warranty just in case you can take it back. I never buy warrantys on my stuff but im real glad i did with my Elite now lol.

    And yea keep in mind it’s been repaired already like the other guy here said, so just be cautious.

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