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Resident Evil 4 Remastered: PS4/Xbox One/PC/GameCube Graphics Comparison


Resident Evil 4 Remastered: PS4/Xbox One/PC/GameCube Graphics Comparison


  1. Honestly, the blurry/greenish style of the Wii version, with its perfectly adapted controls, makes it the superior version imo.

  2. I'd love to play the Wii version in HD, even with the original textures. The controls were perfect.

  3. I'm gonna be honest…I'm playing RE4 for the first time in my life thanks to this port, 12 years after its release and now I understand the love for this game

  4. I think I played this on PS2 back in the day. Just saw the RE4 HD Xbox One for $20, and grabbed it. Actually, I went into Best Buy thinking "I want a good, classic movie that I don't own, on Bluray….I haven't bought or watched a movie in ages" Yeah, good luck with that. What a pathetic collection of physical movie media. I guess nobody buys many physical copies of anything these days, so I grabbed this instead.

  5. baixei o resident evil 4 no meu ps4. Mas não consigo passar pra parte da igreja. Diz que tá baixando dados , e nunca termina. Alguém sabe o que devo fazer ?

  6. consoles peasants bought this game first because it wasn't on pc and those console fags buying GTA 5 2 years ahead of pc queers

  7. Ugh, if your going to use Wii footage can you at least capture in component?

    On a better note, great use of the Second Sight music! At least, I think it is, it's been a while.

  8. Hm I still think the Wii version is the best. The controls just suit this type of gameplay very well.
    I really miss pointer controlled shooters. Motion controls, moving your controller around, don't really work and are almost never better than analog gamepad input. But the IR pointer of the wii/wiiu is amazing. It's very accurate and it feels so much better than aming with an analogue stick. I wish Nintendo would have released something for the wii u that makes use of this input method (Metroid prime dammit!!!), but I guess that sail has sailed now that they go in a completely different direction with the switch.

  9. Lets All be honest here, Ps4 Graphics Is Bae mostly youtubers use Ps4 More then xbox I know pewdiepie does. (-_¤) <— Deadshot

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