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R-Type Dimensions — PS3 Trailer


R-Type Dimensions -- PS3 Trailer


  1. Ya está comprado y probado a fondo!
    Recomiendo a cualquier aficionado al género ya inexistente de los Shoot´em ups que se lo compre. Buenísimo! Ojalá repitan con los de SNES, leo y delta. Larga vida a R type!!!

  2. yes the ps3 has been crying out for this, cant wait to buy it ON DISC,  YES YES YES R -TYPE

  3. When I saw the title I was like "Oh shit! Am I dreaming?" and then, meh. I guess nothing can beat R-Type Delta.

  4. The game that started my love for Shmups. I just wished they had R-TYPE III and R-Type Delta here too..Maybe next time? 

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