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Ps3 question?


My ps3 got the red ring of death, and my favorite things game is stuck in it. What do I do to get my game out

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  1. You didn’t specify which console you have.

    If you have a Slim, there is, in fact, a manual method to remove the disc. Details & source can be found in the link from the Forums below:

    [url is not allowed].

    Some Fatboys will also eject during a hardware issue by holding the eject button for about 10 seconds (no longer than that).

    If neither of the above apply to you, its best to just find a professional to do it for you.

  2. I think you mean YLOD 😛

    Anyways, if you are sending it in for repair, let them know your disc is stuck in the system and they should send it back to you. If you aren’t, open up the case and the BD drive and pull it out yourself.

  3. Unless it’s an old 40 gig model that game is stuck until you take that ps3 apart and get it out of the disc drive , if you plan on having it repaired by Sony they’ll send you the game back when they take it apart ( they have a form that you check a box that says there is a disc stuck inside and the name if the game )

    if its a 40 gig fat ps3 only its removable without taking the ps3 apart , turn the rear on/off switch to off then while holding eject turn it on again , it will run the fan really fast for 30 seconds and eject the disc.

    One of the best things about the new ps3 super slim is it does not have the automatic disc insertion where it sucks in the disc , its manual so there is no chance to ever get a stuck disc again in the super slim , even with no power it can eject a game.

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