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PS3 game won’t read my 1tb external hard drive! help!?


okay so i plug in my 1tb hard drive and my ps3 do not read it, it do not show up on the ps3 as a hard drive. how can i get it to read it or to show up on the ps3?

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  1. The HDD must be formatted as FAT32 in order for to be able to be seen by the PS3.

    Plugging it into a computer will not format it to FAT32 (your only option is NTFS), so you will have to do a DOS format, or use a program.

    DOS: Click Start > Run. > cmd > OK

    Now type in the following at the prompt:

    format /FS:FAT32 X:

    (replace the letter X with the letter your drive is). It will ask you about the Volume label. Put in whatever name you want. If that doesn’t work, then type in the current name the drive is labeled as. If it say “Mike’s HDD”, then type in Mike’s HDD.

    With all of that said, DOS will not format 1TB, so you will probably have to use a program (I supplied DOS information for those who may be trying to format a smaller HDD). You can use Swissknife ( [url is not allowed]. ), which I had problems with, or you can use FAT32 Formatter ( [url is not allowed]. ), which works great, and will have no problem converting your 1TB NTFS HDD to a 1TB FAT32 HDD. Both Swissknife and FAT32 Formatter are free programs, so you can try both (Swissknife seems to have problems trying to format 1TB and above, and if it does format the HDD, it will only give you 500GB instead of the full 1TB).

    Also, you can use a 1TB external HDD with the “fat” PS3, as I have a 1TB external HDD that I use with my Limited Edition 80GB MotorStorm Backward Compatible PS3, and I formatted the HDD using FAT32 Formatter, and use the external HDD as a back up HDD for my PS3 with no problems.

  2. to use an external hdd you need the following :

    for older ps3 consoles , one that’s 500 gigabytes or less ( you’ll need to create a partition if you have a fat ps3 that can install linux )

    fat32 format

    ntfs format drives aren’t recognised by a ps3.

    most likely your drive needs to be formatted to fat32.

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