Home Playstation Games Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013 Gameplay (PlayStation 3)

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013 Gameplay (PlayStation 3)


Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013 Gameplay (PlayStation 3)

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013 Gameplay (PlayStation 3) -- NO AUDIO

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  1. I"m an European guy who owns a ps4 and a gaming pc, and like most europeans I was clueless about baseball until a few weeks ago. I tried the game on a psp emulator first, and I automatically bought a ps3 only for this game (well , EA Skate and Fight night series also helped). Now I'm starting to like baseball thanks to this game!

    Just ordered a 2011 used version from ebay for 7.99$ and it ships from the usa (I'm in Texas now) so I should have it in a couple of days. Ordering the 2015 version soon as well.

    Thanks for the video and for the 60 fps by the way, the Swallows are my favorite team! Too bad it's basically impossible to find NPB games to watch (only could find 2 of them on youtube)

  2. can this game be played in translation? like all the game writing is in English rather than Japanese? do they have an option for that?

  3. awesome! thanks for the info Pacmanknapp24, im gonna go check those out as well! been looking for a great baseball game for my ps2 also, so this is awesome to hear!

  4. Yeah, this game is really fun. I wish I could change the sound effects audio though (you can change some audio settings like crowd and announcers, but bats and gloves always have to be that loud lol).

    I heard that PYS 6, PYS 2011, or PYS 2013 are the versions to jump into and play. So if you get one, probably get one of those. All PS3 games are region-free, by the way.

  5. awesome video man! i was just in Japan and saw a Tigers game, loved the experience so much i bought the 2011 game in Akihabara. I wanted to buy the 2013 game but was afraid of spending that kind of cash on a game that might now work in America. (heard 2011 wasnt region locked) But this one looks soo freaking good!

  6. I noticed you change commentary for PS3 for MLB 13 The Show. You know what get one your friends. You and your friend do a commentary for the Professional Baseball Spirits and use a digital recorder to record you and your friends commentary and also use a sound recorder for your computer and put onto a CD. Record it while playing the Game. I don't think it will work cause Professional Baseball Spirts probably don't have that feature. However, you can do it for MLB 13 The Show.

  7. Hey man, no problem!

    I use the Hauppauge HD-PVR 2. It's a REALLY tricky setup but I'm running it with an HDMI cable, which shouldn't be allowed on PS3. I have another video that shows off my home theater setup that only slightly explains how I circumvented that. But like I said, I forgot to switch my PS3 system settings to my optical cable (the only way to possibly get sound in the capture).

  8. Awesome vid man, keep em coming and keep spreading the word about this game! How do you capture video from your PS3? Im gonna try and put some videos of PYS up myself and was just wondering what hardware/software you use… THANKS!

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