Home Xbox Games Pool Nation FX – Part 1 Gameplay – (Xbox One/PS4 1080p 60fps)

Pool Nation FX – Part 1 Gameplay – (Xbox One/PS4 1080p 60fps)


Pool Nation FX - Part 1 Gameplay - (Xbox One/PS4 1080p 60fps)


  1. I'm gonna give a little advice, please never compare similar games, seen as the two you compared were both OH so similar, and after the second comparison I got a little bored. Also, when it crashed, my xbox one does that for fallout 4 so id like to think that it's either your internet or all xbox ones. I would definitely hope it is the first choice, seen as Microsoft is already so bad at marketing and hardware/software as in a hard drive which i don't even know how to categorize (Microsoft even has to HIRE for people to make their hardware). Sorry this was so long, seen as it's only the 16th comment.

  2. This is a great game the single player mode very stable and worth it for that alone on line has improved a great deal since it first came out some of the category's   league isn't very good I would rather you had clubs you could join, and also your player v history would be nice to have one stats generally good and be able to invite to a rematch  after a period of time not just rematch immediately

  3. seriously, I am pretty sure the reason you are having issues with the game was due to the fact the game cannot speak little bitch, and your whinny little constant bitch,well just crashed the game. Enough said.

  4. Hey just did a very short video on this game as well! How do you record your voice with the gameplay?

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