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Official Sony PlayStation Gold 7.1 Wireless Headset (PS4) | Unboxing, Set-Up & Review | MyKeyReviews


Official Sony PlayStation Gold 7.1 Wireless Headset (PS4) | Unboxing, Set-Up & Review | MyKeyReviews

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset REVIEW | Best PS4 Headset Under 0


  1. why do I have to buy a $100 headphones why can't I use my $30 wireless speakers to connect to my PS4

  2. the only one of my favorite is the most important part of a new phone. the only thing is that it is the best way to go to the top of my

  3. Ok. I have an issue. I dont have the "Output to Headphones" option when I go to "Sound and Screens". What's up with that?

  4. i just picked these up for 47.00! i cannot wait to try them out here soon! it was between the Gold's and Pulse Elites. i chose the Gold's for price and battery life is better. i still may get the Elites down the road. they just look awesome and from what i hear sound really nice as well

  5. finally bought this on ebay .. sad sony doesnt sell this in india .. not easily available and cost me rs8200 ($80) but worth it

  6. Hey man I am looking to get a headset, do these have surround sound so can you hear chat as well as the game sound? Thanks

  7. I don't no what I do wrong but the original headset microphone included in ps sounds better than the gold headset…so disappointed…any suggestions??

  8. can i use them for my tv? without wires, just with usb and bluetooth connection, would like to watch movies on my tv, so can I?

  9. been reading a lot of amazon reviews about these breaking at the hinges where they fold due to spider webbing of the plastic hinges. I don't own a pair but you might want to look at this before buying.

  10. Just so you kno for future reference any USB headphones you use on the PS4 you have to go thru that menu to change from chat only to game sound and chat

  11. get a warranty with these if you get them the plastic headband always snaps on them after some wear, but imo i think the hyper x clouds are better and a little cheaper

  12. they sound great but I had a few issues with mine, first if it dies while playing you have to turn it off then turn it back on after you plug it in, second you can only either use it as headphones (aux) or use it as a headset not both like my old turtle beach's, third and this is my biggest issue they are prone to break in multiple places even if you take good care of them, mine only lasted 5 months and that's with me taking extremely good care of them and putting them in the hardcase when not being used, I would advise against them personally

  13. Great review, exactly the information I was looking for. I think I've found my new headset, thanks to you. Can I ask where you found it for $60? I haven't seen it for under $90.

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