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modern warfare 3 xbox live “communication with the xbox live servers has been interrupted”?


on xbox live, when i open the multiplayer box on the main menu, than xbox live, it tells me “communication with the xbox live servers has been interrupted. This has been going on for a few days now, there is nothing wrong with my connection or xbox live, i have tested out different games on live and all seem to work fine except modern warfare 3. i have also tested the network connection multiple times, according to my xbox it is connected and running fine. i have already searched this up online and i have done everything that people have told me to d, etc. eject the disc and put it back in, test the network, and it still does not work, even though, as i said before, my connection is fine. anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. I had the same issue so I called. they said that modern warfare 3 is tricky with pushing buttons. Restart your xbox and make sure you only push select once throughout the whole process to start the game. Hope this helps. it worked when I restarted and did it again. (dont get trigger happy)

  2. The other answers are right. This happened to me and I noticed it was because I kept trying to join a game before the servers provided the player info.

    When you go into Live you need to let the counters show players, therefore wait until this:

    0 / 0 players online

    actually turns into an accurate counter. Once the info loads, it should work.

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