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Might sell my Xbox One (opened), extra controller, AC4, and charging station. How much do you think I can get?


As I said, the Xbox One is opened and used, but I can obviously clear all my personal data from it. The Xbox One comes with a controller, but I also purchased a second (they are worth $59.99). AC4 (Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag) is a $59.99 game. The charging station is for rechargeable batteries for my controllers (I upgraded both). The charging station is a $34.99 value, and I would ship the batteries with the controllers.

If you are curious, I actually think the Xbox One is a fine console–probably about on par with the PS4, give or take some perks–but I think a better use of my money would be to upgrade my graphics card. I am looking to purchase a GTX 780 Ti, which, on NewEgg, costs $719.99. Trust me, I know I cannot get that much money off of this package that I am planning on selling, but I can get a decent amount of it, I hope.

First, do you think the sale is worth it? (I hope so 😛 )

Second, where do you think I should sell it (be it online or at some store) to get the best value?

Third, how much do you think I can charge for this bundle?

Thanks a bunch! 😀

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  1. In 2 years you’ll need to upgrade that graphics card again while the console will last much longer.

  2. I say get rid of it. many cool things in the market besides video games, a bit over 600$ sounds reasonable.

  3. Do NOT go to Gamestop! They will rip you off! If I was your buyer, I would have give you $400 for the Xbox One,$40 for the 2nd controller & $40 for AC4. Total $480 & fair price since you need to understand is used. You should try sell your Xbox One on ebay. Good luck!

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