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loud ps3 fan?


my ps3 fan has always been pretty loud mainly because its located upstairs and it can get pretty hot. but its been in the high 80’s latley and i just turned on my ps3 today after 3 days and after about 20 minutes the fan kicked up really loud. the loudest its ever been. i mean loud. i turned it off right away and i hope its only loud because of the location and the heat. could someone please tell me if it is just the heat. help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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  1. The PS3 is a pretty quiet machine and I paused the game I was playing the first time I heard the fan kick in. Is your PS3 confined at all? I would make sure that it has plenty of ventilation. Also, listen to the fan when you first turn it on and it should be at its quietest at that point.that will at least give you a benchmark to compare. Or maybe listen to a friends for comparison.

  2. thats a pretty normal thing, when u first turn on the ps3 its just the normal that keeps air flowing through it, but after it gets hot it kicks on the other fans or just cranks up the juice in the fans to pump more air to cool it down, if u are worried about it just call up playstation support they will let u know

  3. that may be a bug or glitch and also it could mean that your p23 is overheating but I doubt it. Usually when cpu overheats it kicks up the speed of the fan to try to cool it down.

  4. It has to do with where it’s located. The fan is only loud because it needs to keep the PS3 chill so it doesn’t explode like a 360 🙂

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