Home Playstation Games Let’s Play – Battlefield 4 (PS3) Multiplayer #1

Let’s Play – Battlefield 4 (PS3) Multiplayer #1


Let's Play - Battlefield 4 (PS3) Multiplayer #1

Enjoy The Video!

Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Part 1 PS3


  1. hey if anybody wants to get the phantom assignment or be my chopper buddy
    just add me Deagleboy936

  2. Hey sub to my channel and tell me ur Snapchat and I will see about u joining my clan I call of duty bo2

  3. is there someone good here to playing bf4? I searching best players and capable to play together on ps3! i'm about level 130..
    Add me:

  4. i need a squad , who wnt to join me . I dont mind if you are rank 5 or what , just play fr fun . Add me -> Ahkimm . Tell me who u are . Nah im friendly

  5. yo man, I've been having some trouble with playing with actual people round the world, could you any chance help me?

  6. mano não consigo entrar no túnel de jeito nenhum velho !! a hra que vai entrar o carro explode

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  9. just got this game for ps3 and I want to play quick matches online multiplayer, but when I select a game mode after choosing quick matches, it wants me to buy DLCs, can anyone help?

  10. I saw this video, made me realise that i need this, placed an order from Amazon.
    Shit cant wait to play this!

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