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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 – E3 2016 LiveCast | PS4


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - E3 2016 LiveCast | PS4



  1. So… if I want to start from the beginning…I will need to buy:
    1) A PS3
    2) A PS4
    3) KH 1.5 and 2.5 for PS3
    4) KH 2.8 for PS4'

    This is gonna be friggin' expensive! Too bad the PS4 isn't backwards compatible.

  2. enough with these 1 point or 2 point something. just release the game with the complete package

  3. Can anyone please please tell me if the original kingdom hearts 2 will be on this as well?!??

  4. Jesus H. Christ. I played Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. Just continue the story from there. All of this seems so confusing @_@

  5. One more month, I try to be motivated and work and go to class, and then Square goes…nahhh.

  6. i've playes kingdom hearts 2 final mix on my ps2 before and its so dam easy
    but when i play on ps3 kn 2.5 remix i kept on dying why? because the reaction commends barely comes out as much as they use to. i keepndying at demyx fight and the rest because the reaction commends thats suppose to be there arent poping up

  7. Square Enix better deliver a better trailer for this on Jump Festa this year. Like the thirst just completely real now.

  8. one thing I hope they don't remaster is the music. I think the previously remastered tracks are already perfect

  9. Almost just bought a ps3 for KH lol but thank Jesus and motherfucking Mary I saw this. Idk if I can wait until March though! I've already been waiting years to get 1.5 ): Also I hope and pretty much KNOW they're gonna have another box set with all games, maybe even playable 368/2 Days and Re:Coded when KH3 comes out.

  10. Also, does anyone know if they will fix the Drive Form glitch? That glitch is killing my enjoyment of the game. By the way, I'm stuck on Xaldin, any advice guys?

  11. This would be great! Except I already have it on my PS3? Why would I get it for my future PS4? I mean, since I'm a big kingdom hearts fan, maybe.

  12. I hope that this will come to the XBOX One. As Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to XBOX One and I think it's only right that XBOX players get the full saga. I personally have a PS4 so it doesn't bother me either way. Does Sony have some claim to the original Kingdom Hearts games that would stop them being released on the XBOX? I'm curious.

  13. Good! I still have the ps2 version of kh2 along with my memory card but I never owned my own ps2 ): my stepdad sold it loong ago

  14. Damn, I was gonna buy kh 2.5 for PS3, but now I'll have to wait another year so I can buy a PS4 and this god damn game (T__T)

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