Home Playstation Games Katamari Damacy Creator Demos New Game “Wattam” – E3 2015

Katamari Damacy Creator Demos New Game “Wattam” – E3 2015


Keita Takahashi and Robin Hunicke drop by the GameSpot stage at E3 2015 to give us an extended demo of their new digital playground game.

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Katamari Damacy Creator Demos New Game “Wattam” - E3 2015


  1. I love Katamari as much as anyone else, but damn, they've made a bunch of them already, don't you guys think? It's great that they're using that same creativity to make something else.

  2. We need another katamari game for ps4… At least make katamari forever available on playstation store. Neither ps3 or ps4 have it for download.

  3. I really don't know why, but I want this game more than any other highly anticipated PS4 game this year. It looks so…… Oddly satisfying

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