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IGN Reviews – Tales of Xillia – Review


IGN Reviews - Tales of Xillia - Review


  1. Way to take potshots at Milla's lisp. In all fairness, Milla was my favorite character in the game, so I am torn. :/

  2. Okay so what? He wants MORE cut-scenes? I don't think he actually played the game. There are pretty much nonstop cut-scenes, in fact you will spend literally probably 50% of your entire time with the game powered on watching cut-scenes.

  3. I love this game, still on Milla's side of story…. I finished the Jude story, and I am not a fan of the ending… I mean yeah sure it's an awesome game, but the Romance was missing… Bruhh Japan was like teasing us the whole story where Jude is like inlove with Milla, but in the end… Bruhh

  4. I don't have this game (yet) but I have a question. When doing a New Game+ for the first time can you pick the other character you didn't choose the first time (as in can you pick Millia for a New Game+ after completing it as Jude)?

  5. I like everything about this game except for the combat. I'm choosing artes, mashing buttons, linking with allies, and watching seizure inducing effects as a result, but I never feel like I have the system figured out.

  6. I'm 10 hours into the game and the story/cutscenes bore me so much, will it get better later? Coming from Tales of Eternia(PS1), Tales of Innocents(NDS), and even Tales of Phantasia (SNES), those games are a lot more exciting. This game has like, boring musics, boring characters, monotone voices(Milla's especially), even the world/towns felt lifeless and boring… As a fan of the tales series, I really want to like this game, seeing how it gets a 8/10 rating here.  This game does have an interesting Battle system, much like other in the Tales series, but I play RPGs to enjoy the stories actually. 😐

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