Home Xbox Forum i need some xbox 360 game suggestions?

i need some xbox 360 game suggestions?


im looking to buy a game, im in to shooters and i like horror games too, it can be rated M so it doesnt matter, also if u know the price of the game that would be cool too, thx

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  1. ufc is cool but i got to say if you like racing car games wait for forza motorsport 3 in sep or oct

  2. One of the biggest games for the 360 has been Left 4 Dead. This has multi-player, online and even two players online at the same time from one box. You can play online with 8 people at once and it kicks butt. There are several levels to it and so many things to do. It’s a shooter game, however you can also play a zombies as well.

    I think I paid $30 for mine used about 3 months ago.

  3. Get Resident evil 5 or Call of duty 4: modern warfare. COD4 is great when playing online and resident evil 5 is a good co-op game. I mostly buy my games from ebay and craigslist so I won’t be able to give you a price.

  4. Charles is right, Left4Dead is a great game, but it only works if you have online. One horror/shooter that definitely loved was Dead Space. That game is REALLY good, and although there is no multiplayer or anything, it’s got a very deep storyline. I loved it. As far as I know, you can pick it up for 40US dollars new, and probably about 30US used.

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