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How to redownload an incomplete map in COD Black Ops 2 Xbox 360?


I bought Black Ops 2 and it included a redeem code for Nuketown 2025, I started downloading it and left home, when I arrived the file says its incomplete so I redeemed the code again but it says that this code has already been redeemed. How can I re download the map?


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  1. Click on the middle button and go to active downloads and if it says Nuketown is there go to the dashboard and it should automatically download again when still looking at active downloads. If that doesn’t work then go to the store on the black ops 2 multiplayer menu and click on Nuketown 2025 and it should say because you have already used your code that it is free, click on the download and it should download again.

  2. Download codes are almost aways single use, and that one is no exception. Sign into the account you started the download on, and go to the Dashboard, then Account, then Download History. That list should contain every download your account has ever done or even started, including single use download codes such as that one.

    Edit: The map isn’t available through the Marketplace (yet), so it’s slightly hard to download it through the Marketplace as of yet.

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