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How To Play Xbox Original Games On Xbox 360


What’s Up Guys Its Toby Gamer And Today i Will Show You How To Play Xbox Orig Games On Xbox 360 Enjoy

How To Play Xbox Original Games On Xbox 360

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  1. he only checked the store and had that original game and only other few work for so basic he lie why not put a game that ain't in the store

  2. saddly it didn't work for me but when i put the game in a error came on my screen.I have a hard drive so i don't know whats wrong

  3. I can't get Halo 2 to work. it's asking for a external hard drive even though I plugged 1 in. wtf

  4. hi, I got NFL BLITZ 2003 for original xbox on amazon on the 24th, and I am hoping if i get it, it will play on a widescreen tv. so if it does, do I do this? or do I just act dumb and start acting mad all of a sudden? thnx.

  5. I tried this with counter strike for xbox and it said I need an update but on the xbox website it says counter strike is compatible with the 360

  6. hey dude does your mechassault work as well? because mine does not work it says that i have to update for the game and that stuff

  7. Also you need an official xbox360 hard drive for this to work and not all original xbox games work with the 360.

  8. can any sonic game work like heroes caues if it does then I'm getting it on my 360

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