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How to Deactivate PS3 accounts on all systems


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2014 update video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQJUMPC3iEQ
I was surprise after logging onto my PS3 account to find out I could no longer download anymore content with a message stating there’s been more than 2 PS3 activation with my account. If your account had been activated to more than 2 PS3 and no longer own 1 or both PS3s, your account must be deactivated on 1 or both PS3s to enable downloading DEMOs or any other contents from the playstation 3 stoe. If you’ve sold the console or the console’s been stolen you’ll need to deactivate all consoles through the following link:


How to Deactivate PS3 accounts on all systems

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  1. ill try to sign in and it says ✔ that im not a robot and i do and it takes long then it fail so i cant please help me

  2. Thanks for the tip. I was trying to deactivate a couple old PSP system off my account from the website that I had sold long ago, and it told me I had to hook it up to my computer and run a file and all that sort of shit. I am glad the deactivate all systems button was there.

  3. you just made my year i know im super fucking late but this shit was amazing i can finally download all my old black ops 2 dlc maps and camos this really means alot you dont know how happy i am rn….:) #2017

  4. bro i cant do that other method because that robot thing doesnt load ? and the first one didnt work 🙁 any tips ?

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