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How do i fix my xbox?


My xbox hasnt read any discs and now i cant play any Cds i am wondering how i can fix it without sending it in i called microsoft and they said i need to said it in and since my warranty is finished how much will it costs to send it in?
When i say xbox i mean xbox360

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  1. Is it dusty? I know on systems if its dusty it will not work correctly. If it cost too much to fix just replace it.

  2. wow, thats like the only time you’ll ever see an xbox do that, just dont listen to the PS3 fanboys who will most likely come in here and try to convert you by saying the usual, “well, PS3 has blueray”.big deal,lol. Just send it back 2 microsoft, theyll fix it up in a jiffy,lol.wow, did i really just say jiffy? *scratching head*lmao 🙂

  3. Assuming you are savy with basic tech stuff. You can just open your Xbox360. 80% of dirty disc or open tray errors, are bad lasers in the dvd drive, they do die over long periods of use.

    Your best bet would be to open your Xbox 360(assuming 360, should work with a normal xbox as well) and get the DVD drive. Go onto ebay and punch in, for ex. if you have a BenQ drive “xbox benq laser” and find it. They run about $10 and then maybe another $5 to be shipped.

    There is one solder point on them you have to remove, its easy no solder wick needed just a soldering iron or gun, not a torch/lighter.

    Pop the new laser in and you are good to go, costs $15, where Microsoft wants 10 times that ($150)

  4. easiest way just to see if its just dust, go buy a can of air and spray it in through the disc tray when you open it, this will hopefully clear off the dust from the disc reader

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