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How can I save money to buy a Xbox One?


I really want to upgrade to the new Xbox One because there are a lot of new games coming out but I don’t have the money.I only get $15 a week but I want the Xbox One at least 1 month after the launch week, I also want to get Call of Duty Ghost.Please someone help me:(

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  1. sell everything you don’t need on ebay and try suggesting it to your parents and if they see that your trying to save up to get the xbox one maybe they’ll help out a little, you never know.

  2. Save your money and after atleast one month sell your xbox 360 or ps3 what ever you have and buy xbox one but i say dont buy xbox one buy ps4.

  3. If you save up all your money each week, you will have $180 by November.

    You then could trade in all of your current games and equipment toward the new system and get a decent sum of store credit at either best buy or game stop.

    You can wash cars, mow lawns, sell any belongings that you don’t use anymore on ebay or craigslist.

    If you Mow lawns, I usually used to charge $20-$30 per lawn depending on size, and if you mow one lawn a week at $20 each time, thats $240 by November.

    With those two ideas you could have $420 by doing the bare minimum. Should be pretty easy for you to do.

  4. Ok patience is key to saving. I make about as much as I work for, and I get paid every month. $7 an hour and work every week night to every weekend. I work at our family bakery and I have to put most of my money in the bank. To start saving for a ps4 i began on my birthday. This way I had birthday money already plus $40 from selling a few games months back. Then I got paid a full payment with no bank deposit of around $180 but had to give away $60 for two birthday parties. After that I sold my ps3 early for extra money ($226 for everything, 5 controllers, 3 games, system). Now I have like $480 saved from all my spending. What I’m getting at is that you need to save as much as you can and wait. Make sacraficies if this means something to you. The system and game will be $460 plus tax so let’s say you have no birthday in between now and let’s say december 1st. You’ll have $180 dollars by then so save until after christmas which should definitly help you save up. Now you have it. You really should wait until after christmas to buy any new system so that all launch day bugs are out. Selling your xbox 360 now will at least get you $120 and up, if you sell it before you buy your xbox one you will get less so go a few months without it. I havent played playstation in a month and I’m fine, I still have months to go and I’m not worried. Make sacrifices and be patient.

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