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Help!! Xbox Live Setup!?


ok read carefully because this is quite long- I have a desktop computer upstairs which has a usb adsl modem which has just an RJ11 port. downstairs there is an xbox 360 which i want to put xbox live on. connecting them with a massively long wire would be out of the question. but i have looked around the house and there is a phonenext to the xbox whixch has a splitter with a free RJ11 port. will fitting an rj45 adpater on that get me an interent connection? or are there any other solutions?

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  1. In theory putting a microfilter on the spare socket and pluging your xbox into that should work 🙂

    Cant see why not but depends on how the phone wire was set up by the installers of the internal wiring.

  2. ur gonna have to get a wireless connector. yes they are expensive, but nothing less than a really long cable will do the job.

  3. You have to use an ethernet cable but if you don’t have one long enough you could always get a wireless adapter

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