Home Playstation Forum For those regarding a LittleBigPlanet Beta Key?

For those regarding a LittleBigPlanet Beta Key?


Did everyone who signed up for that raffle recieve a beta key or was it really a raffle and how many people won one?
By the way i hve a code for the beta but i do not have my PS3 because i sold it so it will probably just go to waste
Update 2:
I might but my friend t work has a PS3 and i might just let him have it because he is dying to play that game ut i dont see what alll the craze is about but if he dont want it i give it to you

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  1. I wil take that key if you want to give it to me.

    And also, i entered the raffle and didnt win, so i guess it really was a raffle. Im guessing they gave away about 5000-15000 beta keys.

    OK thanks, but find out soon becuase the beta ends oct 11 🙂 Be sure to pm it so some greedy kid wont try to take it from me. (Can you even do that? im new here.)

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