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Evolution Of PlayStation Hardware (PS1 to PS4)


Evolution Of PlayStation Hardware (PS1 to PS4)


  1. i am thinking of gettin a ps2 in 2017 it the only one the plays ps one n two miss some old school games 🙂

  2. Did you know that it would take an INFINITE amount of playstations and xboxs combined to get somewhere close to a pc?

    (Just a PC gamer passing thru)

  3. The truly sad part is that if you asked a "professional" programmer today to write an exact duplicate of the original Tomb Raider, it would require a 2Ghz CPU, 4GB of RAM, at least a gig of HD space and and a $200+ graphics card.

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  5. It took that orange bastard a few decades but it looks like mission accomplished. I'll always root for Nintendo but I'll probably never give em any more money. The GameCube (awesome little machine, just didn't have enough good games) was the last Nintendo I'll ever buy.

  6. That Crash bandicoot advert is really funny…Hardly anyone knows what Crash Bandicoot is now, but people still know Mario 🙂

  7. believe it or not the most original Sony console was made with Nintendo as well but Sony had split from them

  8. I'm surprised you didn't mention WHY Sony was so hardcore about getting it out before Nintendo.

    The PlayStation was originally a cooperation between Nintendo and Sony, and was going to be a 32-bit CD attachment for the Super Nintendo. However, after pretty much all the work was done, Nintendo backed out (I think they decided to skip a 32-bit console, and focus on the N64), and the stipulations of the contract left Sony with most of the patents.

    Since Sony had already put all the work and money into the development of the attachment that wouldn't be used, they decided to turn it into a stand-alone console, and the rest is history.

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