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Dynasty Warriors 7 Review


Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

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  1. which one is better ? dynasty warrior 8 or 7? i've done playing dynasty warrior 8 and i want to try dynasty warrior 7 and dynasty warrior empire

  2. 7 introduces some weird new features, and it's pretty jarring at first. Fans of the series (and anyone else who gives it a chance) will warm up to it pretty quick. I just miss the individual story modes. I never liked the kingdom-based story modes.

  3. dynasty warriors is a game for the dynasty fans i have to say, we have nostalgia from our childhoods and just love the gameplay and while some find it boring like how i can find turn based fighting boring at times its for those who enjoy this type of game and are looking for more and of course people who are fans of the 3 kingdoms period of china.  just like how mario kart has basically bin remaking the same game for years just for the different nintandos dynasty does the same.

  4. What I loved about 7 is the endings to the story modes. The endings are more accurate to what really happened during the rise and fall of the 3 kingdoms period. Also, the changing of weapons during battle is a really neat addition to the gameplay.

  5. Most people say this game is repetitive but honestly what game is not? CoD? Minecraft? WoW? Give me a break. This game is just as fun as all the others… Please tell me shooting soldiers or placing blocks over and over is not repetitive.

  6. Although I did enjoy Dynasty Warriors 2-4 at the time of their release, I can't go back to those games again. Every time you attack, it auto-locks onto one target. You can't keep trash mobs from hitting you while your combo'ing, because you can't control the direction of your swings. In DW5 it changed ALL of that and got rid of the terrible lock-on attacks. I really wish DW4 didn't have that

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