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Driveclub Review


How has Sony’s high-octane social racer fared after an extra year on the hoist?

Driveclub Review


  1. I heard that the guys who did the artwork only used software brought from China and Taiwan which explained the simplified Chinese language on the front cover.

  2. i was avoiding this game since it came out becouse of bad reviews, but after downloading it for only 13€ i am impressed, its a really really good arcade racer!
    the graphics are realy good, the loading times and menus are awesomely fast and easy, there is no tunning, no fafing around, just select track-car-race and thats it!
    and it plays amazingly on my Logitech G29 wheel and even the H shifter works!

    if you are looking for a good simulator, just play Project cars, assetto corsa or dirt rally…

  3. I do not much about graphics and sounds but one thing that I am sure is that there is a wide collection of cars available in the game.

  4. This game looks great, plays pretty good, but sounds horrible – it's not consistent – nothing beats Forza Horizon!

  5. I think the graphics and game play looks good but a better variety of cars and being able to tune the cars, upgrade and change the mechanics of the cars would be better, overall it looks like a descent game

  6. Are the race tracks in drive club based on real life tracks, or the developers just made their own tracks??

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