Home Playstation Forum Do you think xbox360 got better game graphics than Playstation 3?

Do you think xbox360 got better game graphics than Playstation 3?


and please tell why.


  1. No. I played both consoles and the PS3 has better graphics. The games are bigger and the PS3 has a powerful processor.

    Look at Uncharted and MGS4. Those games are just too real.

  2. many people say that ps3 doesn’t have graphics as good as the 360 but you actually have to tweak the ps3’s settings to get optimal graphics.

    Then the picture is equal to or greater than that of the 360.

  3. it depend what game it is and what version of the xbox 360 is but i think the xbox 360 elite is supposed 2 hav better graphics but like i said it depends wut game

  4. to give you an idea, Gears of War uses 85-95% of the 360’s graphical power

    Resistance: Fall of Men uses 10% of the ps3’s graphical power.

    Uncharted uses 30-40% of the ps3’s graphical power.

    the games look the same since game developers for ps3 still haven’t unlocked the ps3’s full potential through their games. this year, we may see games that will use until 60-70% of the ps3’s graphical power (i’m guessing Final Fantasy VERSUS 13, note: NOT final fantasy 13 or maybe resistance 2). we still don’t know.

  5. No, not really. They usually have the same, or PS3 has better. And it isn’t a rumor anymore, it is semi-confirmed. It will be like a crysis 1.5, and only the PS3 has the power to handle it.

  6. i just want to point out that yes the ps3 has better graphics for exclusives and most other games, but if the graphics are about the same for the ps3 and 360 the ps3 more than makes up for it for load time

  7. no. well most multiplatform games will look practicly the same. possibily better on the 360. but ps3’s exclusive titles look way better than 360’s. have you seen MGS 4? now of course of you have an hdtv the ps3 will win everytime

  8. If the games were made at the same time, no.

    Just look at Metal Gear Solid 4. Do you think the 360 is capable of such graphics? No.

    There’s also a rumor that Crysis will be coming to the PS3, and we know that Crysis is a graphic whore. Why isn’t coming to the 360? Could it be because the 360 can’t handle it.

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