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DiveKick Review


DiveKick Review


  1. It's on sale for the PS4 right now at £3.50, and thought about picking it up just for a quick laugh and a handful of trophies. Unfortunately 95% of those trophies are online ranked only, not party/2-player, and there is no way I'm playing 2000 online matches…for a bronze. It might be a laugh, but I know the humour will have gone by the 20th match. No sale.

  2. Most simple and stupidest game I have seen in a short while. When crap gets a good score you know something is wrong with the player. One kick and you win/lose and retarded characters, not even if you paid me…

  3. This game is fun, but only for 2,50. Never spend 10 dollars on this, you'll likely play it once with a friend, laugh your ass off for 1 hour and never touch it again.

  4. This game is so simple, yet this is one of the absolute greatest party games ever made. You will rarely have such a competitive yet good humored fun time with a group of friends than in a dive kick tournament.

  5. Who is Mark Julio and why should he get in a game? Seriously? "really into fight game lore?" How about telling us the references so we can all get the jokes.

  6. A greater focus on and utilization of youtube traffic would generate greater revenue on youtube. Anybody that knows they have a website and that anything exists outside of youtube probably blocks ads anyway.

  7. youtube is just a giant commercial and small money source for gametrailers. having no delay between gametrailers and youtube would eliminate the commerical aspect and no one would visit their site anymore. Your argument is silly.

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