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Differences Between Xbox 360 Arcade Pro & Elite


Differences Between Xbox 360 Arcade Pro & Elite

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Take a quick trip down memory lane to find out how the Xbox 360 got where it is today.

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Xbox 360 Console History - Inside Gaming

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  1. gamestop gave me a black 360 with 260gb for my white old 360 pro i think it had the chrome but think he upgraded me wow so much space plus its SO QUITE NO FAN NOICE

  2. the power cables are different as well, arcade power cords do not fit in the pro and vice versa not sure about the elite

  3. is goes like this
    xbox+slim controller

    xbox 360
    xbox 360 slim
    xbox 360 arcade
    xbox 360 pro
    xbox 360 elite
    xbox 360 E
    xbox one + all modles
    xbox one S
    coming soon ->>>>>>>xbox one scorpio/xbox 2

  4. I have an arcade and I have a question does the arcade last longer because I got it in 2012 and it hasn't red ringed

  5. that's a fkn ugly as Windows phone looking back 5 years now lmao

  6. i like the xbox 360 pro my xbox 360 has a 60 gig hdd my console is reliable and still works

  7. well Xbox slim has a slightly faster gpu the GPU off previous Xbox the clock speed is 500mhz. the slim is 550mhz

  8. I believe I have the Xbox 360 Pro and the Slim 4GB, had to buy a hard Drive expansion for my Slim though xD, when Destiny came out, I bought it…3 months later I played it
    Cursed 20 GB requirement for Destiny :'(

  9. Whats funny is my first 360 was a Core model in 2011, and it had a 20GB HDD (I knew it was the core since it had no HDMI T-T), It got the RRoD about 6 months later as I started playing GTA IV and I got the Pro model (this one was secondhand, no HDD), I saw that there was an HDMI port on it (I didnt have an HDMI port available on my TV at the time) but couldnt use it, which sucked ass

  10. I have a new xbox360 core system for sale still in pack any interesting person should call me on 08096965222

  11. The Xbox One will eventually become as good as the Xbox 360 with all the monthly updates. It's slowly getting there.

  12. It's 2015 and the 360 is still the best console on the market. Sad but true. Just look at last fall. And compare the Assassins Creed games. Rogue is way better than Unity. Halo Master Chief Collection was busted and still is kind of. Meanwhile on my 360 I can pop in Halo 3, Halo, 4, Halo Reach anytime, and jump right into a match with zero problems. Gears 3 and Diablo 3 are my two Online games I still play the most. Nothing really appeals to me on the next gen systems. I'm not paying $400 to play Drive Club or Sunset Overdrive. By the time the Games get really good on the new systems they will both be around $300 and slim versions and the consoles will be all patched up and function a lot better. Patience Pays off. Party Chat and navigating around is still the best on 360. Next Gen PS4 you still can't change your gamertag, and are still syncing trophies. How Pitiful.

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