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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: PS4 vs PC comparison


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: PS4 vs PC comparison


  1. I'd say the pc has the PS4 beat on the textures and shadows, but the PS4 beats the pc in the vibrant colors department

  2. Looks the same to me and can we get along or are you nerds going to keep bitching about console gaming

  3. not much difference tbh , pc is slightly sharper  and the draw distance is better as usual, main benefit is 4k 🙂

  4. There isn't a huge difference in terms of look in this game. What is decisive is that you get a bad frame rate on the PS4. It jumps between 50-60fps. On the PC however you get a solid 60fps if you have a good PC and you can even play this game at 120fps if you have a high-end grapich card.

  5. i own both pc and ps4. but i rater play pc i just like it more i don't have a crazy pc build, just a standard gtx 970 build but i can run advance warfare 60fps 1080p that's all i need. runs and looks as a ps4 but better.Its Just What I Think

  6. spent a lot of money building a new gaming pc instead of getting a console like i usually had and wished i had done the opposite. pc gaming is a giant money pit. While PCs can play games at a higher res and fps, it doesn't really affect gameplay that much as compared to consoles. If you're playing 1440p at 144Hz or something you're going to tell a difference, but at what cost? It would easily cost you over $2K for that kind of setup. It's really not worth that much money. I grew up on consoles and they are superior in every way for first person shooter competitive online gaming. nobody even plays call of duty advanced warfare on pc, but everyone plays on xbox one and ps4. I bought the game for pc and only team deathmatch can get a game and it barely finds a game in that playlist. It's really sad honestly. I'll quit with this rant now.

  7. What's the point of the war between pc and console? Tecnically all console players are play on a PC with a custom OS

  8. Only very meager differences. The PS4 is definitely the best looking console this gen. This is coming from a PC Elitist who was a former PS fanboi. Now only if the PS4 had great games besides GTA V. 

  9. in this particular game they have done good work with ps and matches standard pc. but why so bothering with 60hz and 30hz or 100. i m traditional pc gamer and recently i switced to 3840 and i m playing it with ultra except aa and some medium salt and pepper. i worked hard for that money but it worthed every euro and i cant go with any less. in my opinion if you dont have the 2500+ and allready got a machine wait for occulus or morpheus.

  10. This game is made to look shit on a PC, so ps4 looks quite the same. Release game for PC only, it will look 10x better.
     It's a fucking console game. That's why there's no difference. PC can run it so much better

  11. OK but what are the pc specs? i.e. is it a budget or a propper gaming rig with no expense spared? because that don't look good for a good pc render 

  12. I don't get the general ps4 vs PC comparison: Lets analyze why.. Ps4 is a ps4.. you cant build or enhance it by adding a graphics card or reassembling a hard drive.. so what PC are we talking about? LMAO Sure these two side by side might look similar.. but what PC is this, what card, what hard drive, all of this.. PC has the potential to blow any console out of the water that Is just facts, if you spend enough money. Also, a shitty old PC that is comparable in price to a ps4, 350$.. probably is worse than a ps4 graphically.. So this is a general comparison and really proves nothing.

  13. The differences can't really be shown on a video, for PC'S have the ability to exceed a lot more than console's. On a PC, you can have more than 60 FPS, and you can have a higher resolution; 4K even, if you have enough money. Sure, it costs a shit ton of money, but for those who can afford it, PC excels in comparison to consoles POTENTIALLY. Potentially meaning that it COULD do more.

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