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best online shooters xbox 360?


i am bored of mw3 and bf3 and i dont like 3rd person shooters (ghost recon). i was wondering if you have any ideas of some decent shooters?

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  1. Halo is one of the best you’re going to get. its just so different from bf3 and mw3. You’ll have hours of fun dicking around in the game because the guns are so crazy and not at all realistic.

    BEWARE of answers like bioshock and fallout 3. Just because certain games have guns in first person mode, doesn’t mean they’re legit fps. If you’re looking for legit fps’s your options are actually pretty open. There are a lot out there

  2. Dude, play Halo. Halo can be more fun than COD any day, it’s more skill based though, sniping is better and it involves proper teamwork. There’s no custom classes except Halo 4 which isn’t out yet but in Reach you can get Armor Abilities. I’ve never played Battlefield though. Halo for the win, buddy 😀

  3. in my opinion all shooters are the same but lately i started playing borderlands. its a first person shooter, a ton of guns, and unlike cod or bf, its a long campaign like deal. you can play online too with 4 people its really fun and not over priced like cod only 20 bucks. BUY IT. you won’t regret it

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