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Assetto Corsa Review (Xbox One)


Assetto Corsa Review (Xbox One)


  1. I would have thought that if one was to review a racing game and have their opinions taken seriously, a modicum of skill (or even time with the game, that you clearly don't have, plus I'm pretty sure you were using all the assists) would be rather helpful.
    Personally I'm glad it came to console so all you guys get that chance to play this awesome title, but really to experience it at it's best a wheel is mandatory. Even Forza, and GT are completely different beasts when played with a wheel. If you like driving and play a lot of racing titles, seriously get yourselfs a wheel I guarantee you won't regret it.

  2. I couldn't even watch the majority of this video, why the hell are you saying Assetto Corsa in that strange way every single time? Cringy and annoying af

  3. Just scooped an xbox one s and grabbed this game, project cars, forza 6, and f1 2016. Still havent gotten a chance to mess with it but from what it sounds like if you dislike arcade like racing games, Assetto Corsa will be a winner right? I do occasionally like an arcade-ish driving game but usually prefer real world-ish physics.

  4. holy shit i could tell ur an xbox player. u can't drive for shit. no bars. stick with ur kid forza games

  5. So you tell me that you love racing but pretty much hate AC aka sims. Did you ever play GTR2, rFactor, iRacing, RRRE?
    If not then you are no racer at all but a controller-casual wannabe-racer.
    Get a wheel.

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