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Assetto Corsa Review and Comparison to Project Cars on Xbox One


Assetto Corsa Review and Comparison to Project Cars on Xbox One


  1. have Project cars for PC and absolutely love it. never played assetto corsa before, looks fun. But from what ice seen, I feel I would enjoy Project cars more. But if these two games were to combine (i realize that'll never happen), they quitr possibly could create the greatest racing SIM of all time. that being said, I can't wait for PC2

  2. Random- but anyone find a way to make the F40 drivable in assetto corsa on the console without turning on stability control…?

  3. AC is much more accurate when it comes to the wheel reading the road bumps as you race in my opinion. Track surface for all cirquits is more detailed laser scanned than project cars i think .Well, AC would be the No 1 racing title of all times easy if it had more tracks to offer were as project cars offers double as that.
    Please let me know : Is that a 50" TV set or bigger? it looks like 50 inch tv set.. i have a 50" TV set & if i get as close as u are to your TV set i get dizzy & my eyes aching after awhile..

  4. How is the AC AI? the problem with PC is that if you are near the front and go off track, its impossible to get back on as 22 cars will just run right into you. The PC crash physics are just awful.

  5. Insanely difficult with a controller on default.

    Don't know if adjusting input settings would improve matters or not.

    Its back to forza6 for me until I get a wheel.

  6. You need to try out my settings, mate – AC has so much better FFB than PCARS – in AC you can actually control if the car oversteer – but in PC it just snaps. I got the Thrustmaster TX wheel and all the stuff. You can try out my setting in my AC video.

  7. FINAL UPDATE!! I know I have changed this update a few times now but Assetto Corsa is now finished on console for me. I have recently got a new sim racing set up (video to follow) which enables me to run PC as well as console. I have since been running Assetto Corsa on a PC and I simply cannot believe the difference in the game between the two platforms, it's like chalk and cheese!! Console users are been very short changed. I was particularly annoyed about the Porsche Pack 1/2 taking so long on Xbox and also no Red Pack that has also been promised. I am glad we are now running it on PC now but I wish I could have got my money back. Quite frankly Assetto Corsa if your game for console isn't finished….which it quite clearly isn't ….then you should not have released it! I would also like to know why it I'd so drastically different from the PC version??

  8. The tire model/physics in PC is so horrible that Assets Corsa gets my vote. It takes a very unrealistic amount of time to get the tires up to temp and grip at all.

  9. Fair review I thought. I haven't tried Assetto Corsa yet, I don't feel like I've spent enough time on Project Cars to justify buying another console racing sim.

    You mention that the FFB is Project Cars is very good… I'm using a T300RS and I actually find the default settings too strong, so much so that after ~1hour of racing, my wheel overheats, turns off and then I have to wait 15mins before I can play again! (Apparently, I'm not the only one to have this issue!)

  10. 18:37 Lol, I'll NEVER, for the rest of my days understand why so many people use that 3rd person view in a driving game. It simply doesn't make any sense AT ALL.

  11. I've got project cars which is still playing and enjoying at the minute. Now you've had chance to try both which in your opinion is the better sim? I've not long got back into my sims from when I used to play GTR , GT legends. Is asseto worth a purchase and what do you think to dirt rally?….would you say that's a sim or more arcady? Thanks

  12. Great video mate and really enjoy this style of video. I have a simular set up (T300RS, Wheel Stand Pro, TH8A Shifter and T3PA Pro Pedals) I also have Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. Both are great games with pros and cons and to be honest if your into your console sim racing having both games is the way to go. All the best and keep up the great videos.

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