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ASS Plays Astraea Episode 1


ASS Plays Astraea Episode 1


  1. Love it! This reminds me of some of my favorite games. Will there be any hunting or trapping in Astraea?

  2. This game is really getting my hopes up, I have been looking for some kind of newer Harvest Moon type of game and this seems to be it!
    So ASS 😉 thank you for making a vid on this and thx Norwind for exploring and developing this genre of gaming.

  3. Hey guys! This is the developer here! Awesome video!

    As you know we have a ton of updates planned for the game. Right now in particular, we are really focused on content & bug fixes. So things like the interface (while it will be changed significantly at some point) are simply not quite as important yet.

    Things we have planned …
    – Multiple chickens in a pen.
    – Day / Night cycle
    – Seasons
    – Fishing
    – A variety of activities
    – And lots more.

    We really like getting feedback and suggestions about the game. So if players notice something they like or don't like, we want to know! That way we can make the game even better!

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