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About playstation plus?


Hello everyone!

Recently i purched a ps3 500gb.They gave me a ps+ voucher code.they told me that if we subscribe to ps+ they give 10 games right now and 45 each year

IS IT TRUE? plz tell me.

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  1. here is what you get with playstation plus currently as part of the instant game collection – there are 6 games that stay the same all year long ( they get changed every June ) and the rest are changed out with others every couple of months


    along with the game collection and extra features like online save storage and auto update plus member get access to a few betas , exclusive themes and avatars ( many are free ) , discounts on games and dlc and every month a bunch of other games are added free

    see link for what was added lately and will be added this month


    on average they give away in free content about $1000 worth over a one year period and another few hundred in saving via discounts of between 20% and 80% off game and dlc

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