Home Xbox Games The King of Fighters XII playthrough (Xbox 360)

The King of Fighters XII playthrough (Xbox 360)


The King of Fighters XII playthrough (Xbox 360)

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  1. I never played any of kof games only kof14 but this look cool.I think kof14 is a pretty good game

  2. el único comentario en español
    el juego a mi me gusto desde el kof 99 pero este que es eso el ritmo de juego es horrible a todos los juegos de pelea como lo que le paso a street fighters le meten luchadores lentos como raiden no digo que el personaje sea malo pero es muy lento
    ademas la vestimenta por que no se la pueden dejar como la original ahora iori parece un metro sexual
    este juego era genial hasta este el 3D lo mato y es mejor dormirse a tener que jugar este juego hasta con los movimientos me da sueño The King of Fighters cambio mucho desde donde yo la conozco…

  3. I love how everyone in this game has english voice actors except for terry, who still speaks japanese. Did they just forget to translate him or did they realize something after maximum impact 2?

  4. Lol with Ryo. I bet SNK should have learned from Capcom how to have a perfect English dialogue and acting

  5. There's quite a few stages in XII that they 're-appropriated' for XIII, however, looking back, I think I liked the design of many of XII stages more. Especially the one with all the women and the temple of worship. I think they're better in this one. I completely forgot about the Russian stage too, which is (no pun intended) cool.

    Shame they didn't include the XII stages as unlockables in XIII, eh?

  6. parece art of fighting !!! al parecer no le funcionó esa mezcla de gráficos a los de snk ya que resultó malón el juego a comparación con el 13 !!!

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  9. This game would have been decent if they added more meat to this dry bone. Even with the lowest character choice they should of at least added more feature like a boss or something fun. 
    Still, it was a fun game when it came out and a great preview of what SNKP had to show us for XIII. Would I ever play XII again? Not really, but it had it uses at the time.

  10. KOF XII: the worst KOF that I have seen. Specially for the lack of a Boss (or at least a hidden character fight). This game looks more like a DEMO than a "complete game"

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