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Ski Doo Snowmobile Challenge Xbox 360 Gameplay – Freestyle


Since I screwed up on the video review and couldn’t fix it without starting all over, here’s just some freestyle footage I though you might enjoy. You can see in this video what I meant about the weird backflips as well.

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Ski Doo Snowmobile Challenge Xbox 360 Gameplay - Freestyle


  1. its stupid all skiidoos??
    they look terrible and are terrible whoever made their designs is a complete idiot
    and then on top of it to make a video game on the worst manufacturner of snowmobiles

  2. I'm pretty sure you can freestyle with no time limit, which is technically free riding.. the zones you can do that in are a bit small though.

  3. there is no problem with the double back and front flips, if u look carefully when u do a double back/front flip on the bottom of the screen u can read:"backflip". It counts only one because after the first spin u have to quickly release and press again L1(stunt button) then on the bottom of the screen during the stunt u can read: back flip/back flip

  4. I will try that, but you got it right. I just can not get credit for the trophy. Will try tomooor, wife took over the TV for the night.

  5. You just do it. If your askin why I think your askin though I'm guessin you did it and didn't get the achievement right? If so then yeah I had the same problem, I just did it until it gave me the points. I think it worked second or third time on the backflip and about the fifth or so on the frontflips… stupid glitch.. owell.. pretty stupid game with mostly easy points lol

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