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Resident Evil 4 Secrets and Unlocks


Resident Evil 4 Secrets and Unlocks


  1. I don't like how you have to travel to other saves that's kinda bullshit and capcom has just disappointed me lately with there games I still think black ops 2 beats all these games

  2. Too bad that the mafia costume doesn't appear in the cutscenes I bet that was Ashley's armor fault that wasn't easy to fix for cutscenes… It would have been extremely badass to see Leon fighting Krauser with that gangster costume.

  3. I already played many times
    but I still didn't get rpd cutscene for leon
    also when I played where I bought tactical vest for leon

  4. Resident evil 4 is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. This game was a master piece from the opening to the ending. What I loved most about the game was it's atmosphere and how it made you feel so lonely and desolate and to top it it all off the soundtrack was amazing. Resident evil 4 is such an incredible experience that even after 12 years of its release I still remember almost everything about it!

  5. re4 handcannon in the mercenaries do i have to get a specific amount of points to get five stars like 60000 like u did or does it change when u choose a different map

  6. What's he mean $1,000,000 where am I gonna get that kind of money on resident Evil. I already beat the Original game on normal, and I beat Ava's separate ways too, any advice?

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