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I sold a ps3 on ebay and the receiver says the bottom is cracked?


I’m guessing that it must of gotton cracked doing the shipping, because it wasn’t cracked when I shipped it. What do I do know? He wants to send it back. Does ups pay for this or not? Should I accept it back?


  1. did you buy insurance when you shipped it? if you didn’t pack it properly and didn’t insure it then you have to take it back at your own expense and return the buyers money.

    ups is only responsible if you bought insurance and is responsible for the insured value of the package , otherwise it’s your fault if it wasn’t packaged right and get damaged. either way you’ll have to refund the money and either take it back or have ups pick it up and then file a claim on the insurance , whether ups pays you anything is up to the insurance company ( if you bought insurance ) and you have to file a claim to get anything. they might not pay you anything from insurance if you didn’t package it securely enough and it’ll take time to get anything if you do get a payout.

  2. Have you heard stories like this?

    A PS3 owner has his PS3 break down and omit a Yellow Light. He decides to call Sony. The representative, who is reluctant to give any helpful information, simply tells him to send the PS3 to them, pay the $200 fee and wait the 6 extra long weeks to get it back.

    How do you feel?

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