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I sent in my xbox 360 console for red ring of death repair 2 weeks ago, its back but did MS put jasper chip?


I just wanted to know if microsoft is now adding the jasper chips to recently repaired systems and if they added the new fans and stuff.

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  1. They wont change the chip, 99% of all problems are fixed without replacing any parts at all. you wont get a new or upgraded chip my friend. their just gonna send you an old one and fix whatever is wrong with it. you should of just got a repair guide and fixed it yourself in under an hour. i got a repair guide fixed my xbox then returned the repair guide for my full money back no questions asked. You’ll wish you did the same when your waiting 4 – 6 weeks to get your rig back.

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  2. Microsoft doesn’t even send you your original xbox, it’s more convenient to just send an already repaired console. The console you’ll be given is most likely not going to have the chip, since the one they’ll give you is an older model. That’s why when you send in your xbox you’re asked not to send in your HDD when shipping the console off.

  3. If anything, they downgrade your xbox. Microsoft rarely, if ever, upgrades any part of your xbox for free. Sadly, the jasper chip will probably not be included with your refurbished 360.

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