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[720p] The Idolm@ster 2 Tutorial: How to Break into Top 20 by Week 8 (Part 1)


[720p] The Idolm@ster 2 Tutorial: How to Break into Top 20 by Week 8 (Part 1)


  1. How can you get stats so high? It's the beginning of the game. Your stats are low. I can't achieve a high score. I have to amulets that prevent the vocal, dance, and vocal and visual from decaying. How can you get 20,000 in the beginning of the game?

  2. Why can't Namco release a subbed version? They don't even have to hire english VAs because the fans wants the original japanese voices.

  3. I wish they would finish the manga!! for all the idol m@ster!! the game is good but so is the manga

  4. The Idolmaster 2. For Xbox 360 and PS3. You need a Japanese Xbox, since it's region-locked, but if you've a PS3, you're good to go.

  5. NicoNico Douga is like the japanese version of Youtube.
    Idolmaster is fun because…..I dunno, you gotta be an otaku into young girls also I guess as you play, you learn more about the girls and really understand their passion for wanting to be idols and more about their personality.
    You kinda make a connection with them as their producer.

  6. someone explain to me please on how this game is addicting. I read somewhere that the reason the manga author/artist who did berserk took long breaks in between recent chapters was because he hated working on them and wanted to do more of "idolm@ster" and "nico" what is a "nico addict"?!

  7. @HalfGlitcH2320 Well like I said, they should've had their own game instead of putting them in this game.

  8. @genkisudo154 There IS a wiki out there which actually does help you with many aspects of the game, in terms of translations and strategy with certain parts of the game. I'm actually having the same issue with the game – just bought it recently and having some trouble with the translations myself until I found the wiki. The games itself are very, very staightforeward, with certain exceptions (like, for some reason, wiping off a coffee stain…of all things).

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