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MAX REVIEWS: King Of Fighters 14 (PS4)


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MAX REVIEWS: King Of Fighters 14 (PS4)

The King of Fighters XIV PS4 Review

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  1. Awwww Capcom peeps who are noobs at KOF……don't you dare be sour! Clllllllllap! Your hands for the EASIEST KOF there is and feeeeeeeeel! The powaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. This game is the only reason I bought a PS4. And I gladly paid full price ($89 – AUD). I never pay full price for any games not even COD-MW, but it was my absolute pleasure to buy this day one full price (Steelbook edition). This is the best arcade fighter ever to be made, if you want classic arcade Jap style, this is it, better than Street Fighter too. Maybe SNK will spruce-up the graphics for the PS4 Pro, then it'll be the ultimate. Don't forget… "Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite" is coming soon.

  3. Good game play or not, this game not only looks visually bad, it looks unfinished. KoF 13 looks and animates 100% better. Say what you want, people, but graphics matter in fighting games. I'm not talking about High Res Triple A graphics with insanely detailed textures. It needs some thing to give it a little style and appeal. Like, um, shadows. It's just plain distracting. It doesn't look like a ps2 game. It looks like an unfinished game. Not, the game killer for me though, I don't like the characters.

  4. Kof is a very unique fighting game with great storyline and awesome characters. I follow Snk like you follow Capcom and in my opinion this is one of the greats like kof 13, kof maximum impact 2 (kof 2006) kof XI, kof 99, kof 98 dream match and kof 94 not counting the first two snk vs capcom games in their verses series!!! The best fighting game hands down!!!

  5. "That's kinda the nature of the KOF titles, more gameplay than graphics"

    Dude, have you forgotten how fucking good the KOF games looked with the insane sprite work? Are you for real?

  6. As a disclaimer to the SFV fans: i'm a filthy casual. And the reason for the disclaimer: KOF XIV is my personal Fighting-GOTY 2016. All the fun i've been seriously missing in SFV personally(!), i have in KOF XIV. SFV is the GOTY of the fighting game community's majority, that's 100% clear and i can absolutely see why, but KOF XIV for me as a filthy casual fighting game player is just so much more fun with it's "more open" system – at least it felt that way to me – to fool around in. And the close to One Piece style character design compared to the borderline american comics SFV design plus the very mature and fun interactions between some characters in their intros just gave everything a super positive vibe. They even have a Harajuku fighter who shoots lightning out of her fingers and her winning poses are easy, iconic dance moves, just like all the Harajuku culture stars use to attract old and young fans alike. 😀 All the fighters threw exactly those lines i'd expect from actual real life martial artists who knew each other beforehand, respectful and progressive. If somebody from Capcom asked me what i'd wish from SF games in the future to have a better casual experience: make a separate mode that just removes all the fierce competition, gets rid of match making, has a rich lobby system and makes it a blast for beginners and casuals to fool around in, a playing ground if you will, maybe even allow moves there that would never go well in a competitive environment, with that the devs also would have a chance to try out new things without the whole community facepalming and/or raging. 😀 Yeah, there's another reason, and i'm kinda blushing writing it down, because it's super subjective, online play in SFV felt venomous to me, the lobby system of KOF XIV takes all the subjective tension out of the way when you actively see a player that just crushed you go back into standby and watching you play against somebody else in the same lobby, you actually feel this person is checking out if you learned something from you getting crushed – no matter how salty you are from the loss beforehand, this experience takes all the fustration away. At least for me. <3

  7. The animations/graphics just looks too cute for me.Sorry SNK but i'm going to decline on buying this piece of shitty garbage nonsense.

  8. Wish KOF14 had great graphics so that SFV bitches could fucking shut up. Support SNK, buy this game! Can't wait for a new Samurai Shodown to come out, hoping they get the required budget to create a masterpiece from graphics to gameplay 😉

  9. I admit that it doesn't live up graphically to big AA titles like mortal kombat and SFV. They could have done much better for the new generation consoles. But the gameplay and combos are fun, and bigger content compared to barebones SFV at launch. Worth the money, awesome game!

  10. Honest review. The whole package feels great and was well received. The netcode just received a fix and gets overwhelming praises. The art direction is uneven (because it improved constantly and that was… ahem necessary), but overall it visually grows on you, some stuff is really nice. Now do you ship the model with the t-shirt? Please send.

  11. The grinding for the story is a plus to me. It not like a dull rpg grind where you do the same thing over and over. I miss games making you actually play the game to unlock the goodies thats what keeps the game pumpin you know? A lot of games lost sight of that.

  12. Grinding story mode to unlock stuff? That's how I've played my KOF's 🙂 Maybe it's time to try my not so mad skills online, when I eventually get the game.

  13. Gunny, the game is over 100 US dollars here in Brazil! I'm just saying. You gave me nothing on my birthday…

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